Meaningful Practice

Embracing the Flow

San Jacinto Mountain Range Commission, Palm Springs, CA. Stained Glass Sunset

Commission of San Jacinto mountain range in Palm Springs, CA 


During intense reflection (always), I realized that business, like the creative process and it’s mediums, fluctuate. And meet. And flow how they’re meant to flow. Like life. Why fight against the ebb when I can choose to swim with it, learn, and better navigate the way to my truth (constantly)?

In recognizing the direction my business is going, I’ve chosen to embrace the movement by transitioning to a more flow-friendly, meaningful practice as a whole.  What that means for me, and Brewer & Marr, is merging creativity with business through service by hands-on, people to people contact via workshops and commissions. Also, creating a more intentional retail experience with the web shop and my wonderful stockists.

What does this look like for you?  You can expect to hear about more workshops, commissions, custom projects, & exclusive retail partnerships.



Stained Glass Air Plant Holder Workshop Students With Their Finished Sun Catcher at Root In Fresno, CA

Happy workshop participants sharing their finished sun catchers, @ Root in Fresno, CA 

So, in the spirit of service, let’s collaborate. Let’s schedule more workshops and get more commissions/custom glass made. I want to work with you to create community and bring your vision to life, in glass.

Please reach out for more information on the workshops and commissions process.  I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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